You Are What You Eat.

Be Wildly Canadian!

About Wildly Canadian

 The name alone says it all, no?

Wildly Canadian is an adventure in healthy eating from producers across Canada. Our emphasis is on quality products that meet our high standards – we share with you only the same Canadian-grown goodness we serve at our own table.

Every item in the Wildly Canadian basket is handpicked by our owner, who travels the country for only the best grown, raised, and harvested goods like Wild Rice from the pristine lakes of northern Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, Maple Syrup from the rich maple forests of Ontario and Quebec, and pure Wildly Canadian Cranberry Juice using berries from Quebec. It gives us all a better connection with our food, knowing exactly where it came from. In fact, that’s part of the Wildly Canadian philosophy: you are what – and where – you eat. Why not enjoy the great Canadian terroir of the rich soil, blue sky, and pristine water we have in our own backyard?

It’s hard to connect with our food. Eating locally is a great way to do that, but that’s not always easy in a country like Canada with our rugged landscape and short growing season in many locales. Country-wide though, we have a bevy of all-natural, healthy, and all-Canadian choices just ripe for picking. That’s what Wildly Canadian brings to your table.

Wildly Canadian is found in grocery stores across Canada including Whole Foods, as well as other fine food retailers internationally. As well the Wildly Canadian brand name is trademarked in over 40 countries.