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Leslie's Bars

Delicious and Chewy
Specialty Granola bar!

Made with Wildly Canadian products in 4 yummy flavors.
Try our All Canadian, Great Canadian Maple bar, Perk up! Caffeinated granola Bar and Perk Up! Dark Chocolate Caffeinated granola bar.
No trans fats + No Cholesterol + Source of Fibre and Iron + Low Sodium

Specialty Granola Bars

Natural and Organic Honey

Golden, pure and natural Honey from Canada

Wildly Canadian 100% Canadian Honey products are just the way that nature intended : Natural and Pure. Every honey item in our pantry is non-pasteurized, allowing for all of nature's greatness to be maintained!
Each spoonful is packed with antioxidants and is a great energy booster and even holds anti-bacterial properties.

Natural & Organic Wild Rice

Organic, Natural, Versatile & with a nutty aroma!

Native to Northwestern Ontario, wild rice is enjoyed today as a delicacy throughout North America.
With its versatile use, Canadian Wild rice is the perfect pairing & addition to any dish, including meats, soups, muffins, salads & more!
Our many varieties of Wild Rice Blends offer the perfect balance! Try one as a side dish with dinner tonight!

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